VMBIZ –  “Video Marketing for Business”

From humble beginnings on the Gold Coast in 2006, our mantra has never changed:  “The Success of Your Business is Our Business”.   We have now produced well over 1000 videos productions for our clients, from small to large businesses, right across all states of Australia and have the experience and expertise to know exactly what businesses need to generate excitement in the marketplace.  We make it affordable simply by taking care of the entire production process for you.

What’s the message?   What’s the story?

We understand the competitive nature of the marketplace and that the need to stand out in such an environment is now more crucial than ever before.  But how do you get your story across?   Brand awareness, corporate profile, promotions, product demos, how-to instructional, training, testimonials, infomercial productions, charity fund raising, thank you videos and DVDs for trade shows and seminar presentations form just part of our digital arsenal… but our major point of difference is what we call TV Email Marketing.

We have developed revolutionary production and delivery technology for Video Email Advertising.

Businesses now have the ability to directly reach their target markets saving valuable time, reducing the exorbitant expense of traditional outbound marketing and can extend their message to specific target audiences, thereby broadening their customer base, increasing turnover and maximising profits.

VMBIZ provides the power of television advertising with the convenience and economy of email…

Are You Using the Right Media to Reach Your Customers?

The world has gone social media mad and in a business climate that is ever changing, it is important to embrace new methodologies and run with them.   Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all words still relatively new to the business landscape, and many business are struggling to keep up.  Utilising the right strategy and products in your marketing is now more important than ever before.

VMBIZ can provide you with the tools you need.   Our video productions are completely tailored to your needs and can be implemented into a wider marketing strategy that takes advantage of the “new popular kids on the block”.   Video can be effectively used in Social Media campaigns through the likes of Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram to further extend your reach into a broader community of potential customers or clients.

Combine that with the power of TV Email, and you’re on a winner…..

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