Since the advent of Digital Video, almost every company from Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Samsung, Sony and Fuji-film have delved into producing Digital Cameras for Photographers and Videographers alike. Over the years we have seen a huge change in what would be called “Industry Standard” when it comes to video; from 4:3 Standard Definition Video for the much older and bulkier CRT Television and Computer Monitors - now to 16:9 High Definition for much thinner but

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It’s a Happy New Year at VMBIZ, and we here are looking forward to being even more productive in 2015! Some HUGE changes happened within 2014 to VMBIZ, with someone from within our team stepping up to take the business forward. Having someone from within our team has allowed us to also have a very productive period as well. Knowing the team and the process meant that we had a seamless transition while still giving