It’s a Happy New Year at VMBIZ, and we here are looking forward to being even more productive in 2015!

Some HUGE changes happened within 2014 to VMBIZ, with someone from within our team stepping up to take the business forward. Having someone from within our team has allowed us to also have a very productive period as well. Knowing the team and the process meant that we had a seamless transition while still giving our clients exactly what we promise. 

Changes always involve something new, but we continue to focus predominantly on the ‘realignment’ of focus on the company’s core goals that it was founded on.

For us at VMBIZ, these goals were instated back in 2006 which was to produce High Quality Videos and Video Marketing for clients within it’s home state of Queensland and Nation Wide. 

This may sound simple enough, but many companies that may have been running for 10 years or longer can easily forget there core values – and we for sure do not want that to happen as we are moving towards our Ten Year Anniversary in 2016.

We are proud of what we have achieved in 2014 in Video Production, producing productions for continuing clients such as Holiday Rewards, ICPS and Enlighten, but also with New Clients such as Harcourts, Paddo 2 Wheel, Call Central, EzyMove and Back Centre (In Adelaide).

We were privileged to have produced a video for Griffith University as part of there promotions for the G20 Summit in Brisbane.

We also produced three video productions for Maylake – showcasing three office buildings across the Gold Coast including Kayhouse, The Scarborough Centre and the Star attraction – The Elkorne Centre!

We have built some strong new relationships with clients, and hope to continue those communications and collaborations as we move forward into 2015. We hope you can watch us grow, see our successes – and maybe join in with the fun.

View our ever growing Showreel on our Youtube Channel – and Visit the VMBIZ Website for more!

Stay Tuned!

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