We have a wide range of female voice over talent to choose from. Simply browse through our selection, make your choice then notify us….we’ll do the rest. Each sample has several different styles of read, so make sure you listen to it all!

Annabel G

Experienced & Versatile. Soft, medium and hard sell.


Diane W

Deep, Sensual, Warm and Bubbly – Very versatile, many characters and accents, and a great choice for Soft and Medium Sell, Messages-on-Hold, Narrations and Promos. With extensive voice-over and acting experience, Diane can be anything from a sultry goddess, to a lisping airhead.


Elaine C

Young and lively female.



Erin G

Erin has the ability to transform easily from seductive to playful and joyous. She is as perfect for earcatching hard sell sales, music and station promos as she is for sultry adult products and excited, dramatic reads aimed at kids. If you want cut through, you’ll get it here!



Gabe A

Sexy & strong female, hard &soft sell, some characters. Ex Sydney’s 2dayFM with national TV acting experience.


Leigh A

Experienced & Versatile. Soft, medium and hard sell.


Libby J

Young, funky, lively & believable.


Lucy A

Lucy is a teen who can be thoughtful and reflective or have real attitude. Can sound younger or older.


Mandy S

Serious, fun, warm or hard sell.


Megan H

From Hard sell, relaxed & intriguing to fun & full of excitement!


Melisa H

Serious, fun, warm, soft or hard sell.


Rhiannon B

Very versatile, can sound young or a little older – believable.


Sophie B

Versatile, many characters.


Suzy L

Bright and bubbly… sexy or serious… Suzy’s your girl for corporate, retail, straight, soft to hard sell, messages on hold and narration.


Wendy R

Wide variety of styles – bright & breezy, soft & subtle or deep and meaningful.  Corporate, commercial on hold & narration.