We have a wide range of male voice over talent to choose from.  Simply browse through our selection, make your choice then notify us….we’ll do the rest.   Each sample has several different styles of read, so make sure you listen to it all!

Allan M

Extremely versatile, hard and soft sell, good for many styles of voiceovers

Andrew H

Andrew has been a radio person for nearly 30 years, with experience on air, Image and commercials, jingles, as well as voice over artist. From straight retail style to more “theatrical”, Andrew can do it, from soft sell to hard…


Andrew I

A mature voice with 20 plus years of corporate presenting experience Andrew’s style is the soft sell of credibility and authority yet with youthful vigor. More than 12 years experience as a professional actor and voice artist enable him to adapt to many flavours and accents for both voice overs and narrations.

Ben S

Versatile, from warm to young, from hard to soft. Some characters. Years of international experience in voicing TV and Radio ads, idents, docos, and series.

Brett S

Mature, smooth, hard and soft sell

Carl H

Versatile, warm, smooth mid-range delivery. Hard / soft sell. A natural actor.

 Chris M

When you want voices that run wild like the Wildebeest, Accents, impersonations and everything else. Go on give him (or them) a try.

 Colin C

Back in Australia after 10 years in the UK where he was the Voice of the Looney Tunes Toys and featured on everything from BMW Ads to V-tech Children’s laptops! Colin’s bread and butter read is summed up as ‘Chatty Gravitas’ – a chatty friend meets executive gravitas!

 Dave E

Young and trendy great for anything from hard sell to a more refined, elegant read.

 David G

Almost any character, or just let him make one up… Cheeky, grumpy, or just sarcastic! Can also do a straight read.

 David L

Versatile and Believable, Neither young or old voice. Hard to soft sell.

 Jeremy C

Friendly, polished and versatile voice. 15 years of experience, from corporate to hard sell to characters.

 Jason H

Young sounding and believable. Great for Promos and sweepers.

 Jeff W

Mature voice with decades of experience, Jeff knows how sell a product. Hard and loud, soft and smooth and everything in between.

Lee D

Young, energetic, surfy, trendy, hard and soft sell.

 John B

Mature, smooth, articulate and believable.

Jon V

Soft to Hard Sell . Comical to authoritative. Warm to retail reads

 Marc C

Versatile, friendly, hard and soft sell, some characters.

 Lee B

Young, Energetic, Versatile with read style, Corporate / Professional reads, Young Childish reads, Natural Reads, Narration Type Reads, Some character type reads.

 Leigh J

Young, energetic and trendy. Some characters

 Murray R

Young, energetic, versatile, trendy, hard or soft sell, fun

 Mark R

Over 25 years experience, working in Australia and Ireland…he is adept at both strong hard reads and softer imaging style commercials with a warm mature voice; takes direction well and will tailor the read to suit your requirements.

 Matt D

Versatile, young and enthusiastic but believable with 10 years plus experience.

 Ray G

Energetic and versatile male with a great hard sell, includes a silky deep promo voice.

 Paul S

Versatile, young energetic male. Many Characters!

 Peter J

Versatile and believable.

Shane H

Versatile, Friendly read, Bright, great for retail, Soft and hardish sell and acting parts too. He has done corporate reads and thousands of radio ads with 25 years of radio experience as a jock and knows what is required to sell the product.

 Rob N

Rob can give life to any creative. Versatile, from genuine warmth to a hard retail sell for radio and television commercials, promos and community announcements. His history also includes radio and television presenting.


 Robbie S

Versatile, some characters


 Tim O

Versatile, able to sell.