Social Seeds

To become a dominant forced in your marketplace, social media interaction is – or should be – an integral part of your wider marketing strategy. Regularly engaging with your client base is vitally important, to not only keep them abreast of what’s happening in your business, but through the power of social sharing, every individual member of your client base becomes a marketer for your products or services by sharing your content with their wider networks. Remember the old adage, “word of mouth is the best form of adverting”? Well, social sharing is exactly that at work.

So how do you integrate the two powerful forms of social media and video marketing?

Through the use of what we like to call “Social Seeds”.

VMbiz Social Seeds are  a series of 15 second mini-productions  designed to be rolled out as part of a larger Social Media campaign across your chosen social platforms.  A short form “digestible nugget”, they can be aimed at anything you choose, be it a build up to a product launch aimed to raise excitement, short testimonial grabs aimed at word of mouth marketing or even a series of breadcrumb trails designed to lead a potential customer toward a purchase.

Whatever your needs, VMbiz Social Seeds can be utilised across a wide array of platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.  For Instagram we place the Social Seeds videos within a specially designed template, fully customised to your business or need (as shown right).

The following are five examples of Social Seeds designed for a commercial property management company on the Gold Coast.  Each video focussed upon a different aspect of the commercial property.  The whole campaign was rolled out over a period of 5 weeks across their social platforms before the main launch, designed to garner interest in clients leasing space within the building. The five Social Seeds videos were taken from a larger two-minute production which can be viewed here.


1. Teaser

2. Close to Everything

3. Facilities

4. Energy Efficient

5. Sizes


VMbiz Social Seeds are a brilliant way of keeping your customers engaged, building your client base, or growing sales through the use of your powerful social media networks.

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